As one of the leading taxi services providers in East Grinstead, MeridianCarz has been proudly serving tourists, businesses, and residents since 2014. With a fleet of countless hybrid vehicles, sedans, and wheelchair-accessible vans, MeridianCarz offers 24/7 door-to-door service to all the East Grinstead locals.

All the drivers working with us are professionally trained, insured, and licensed to operate taxi cabs in East Grinstead and surrounding areas. MeridianCarz’s drivers take great pride in delivering prompt, reliable, safe, and courteous service to all its passengers.

Each of our staff members has undergone a rigorous background check and is thoroughly experienced in their assigned roles.

Why us?

  • Our drivers will endeavor to take the most efficient route possible to the passenger’s destination.
  • Our drivers will be respectful of the law and will obey all traffic laws.
  • Our taxis are constantly sanitized and wiped clean.
  • Heat or air-conditioning can be provided upon request.
  • Our drivers will help passengers by placing packages, luggage, and wheelchairs in and out of the taxi when requested.
  • We continuously remind our passengers to take all of their possessions when exiting the taxi. Our Lost & Found phone # is: 1-222-345-6789 in case something is left behind.